Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Obama 2.0

I decided to blog my feelings on the election while my emotions are fresh.  You can skip to the last paragraph if you are glad President Obama was re-elected.

First, I'm deeply disappointed that we won't get to see what Mitt Romney could have done.  Mr. Turn Around won't get his chance.

Second, I'm going to have a hard time forgiving President Obama's campaign for the way they slandered Mitt Romney.  I know it is all in the name of politics, but I never forgave George Bush Sr. for using the same politics against Ronald Reagan in the primary.  As a consequence, I never trusted George Bush Sr. since I felt he would say and do anything to get power.  That's how I feel about President Obama.

Third, since I brought up the trust issue, Obama has to earn my trust.  Accumulating over $5 trillion in additional debt his first term destroyed my trust.  He can earn my trust by doing what Bill Clinton did his second term: end with a budget surplus.  Clinton started his second term with about $5 trillion in debt and ended with about $5.6 trillion.  If President Obama can keep our current $16 trillion dollar debt from surpassing $17 trillion by 2016, then he will have earned my trust.  President Obama can invade whatever country he wants, send drones wherever he wants, give free health care and food stamps to the whole world; as long as he doesn't borrow a nickle to do it.

Fourth, I decided to throw in a positive emotional response.  In 2008, I was proud that our country elected a black man to be our president.  It was a historic event.  I'm happy for the blacks in this country who put a lot of hope in President Obama.  Tonight cemented the fact that in spite of a bad record and a much more qualified candidate, we can act post-racial.  I also hope that the President is a role model for millions of black youths, showing them how to be a successful black man: devoted husband and father, a professional, etc. (etc = only his good qualities).  (If you don't like me being civil, then you can read what Thomas Sowell wrote about Barack Obama becoming the first black president here).

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