Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Walmart Gene

I have no political opinion about whether Walmart is good or evil, or if it's exploitive to it's employees or not.  I know that I can buy some products at lower prices at Walmart and I'm a big Free Market proponent.

The other day my son and I went to Walmart.  On our way into the store, I was noticing some of the characters unique to the Walmart shopping experience.  So I asked "Is there a Walmart gene?".  It seemed obvious that there must be some genetic connection that described these unique characters.  As we walked around Walmart, our shopping experience was more joyous as we tried to identify which of the other shoppers might have the special Walmart chromosome.

If you can't wait till your next visit to play this game (or you refuse to shop at Walmart), try this site:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Which one's the Shampoo?

Imagine it's early morning, your eyes are still sleepy, and you step into the shower.  You wet your hair and the water is dripping in your eyes.  You look down at the two white bottles: one shampoo and the other conditioner.  Which one do you grab?  

I have to admit that the packaging looks great for a shelf in the market, but I can't figure which bottle is which.

The "MATRIX"? Hmmm, no, they both are "MATRIX"

The "BIOLAGE"?  Whatever that means, and they both are "BIOLAGE".

The, um, er,  I can't quite make it out.  Water still dripping in my eyes.  Let me hold it closer, I wish I had my glasses.

I know, I'll just squirt equal amounts of both into my hand and shampoo and condition at the same time!

Hey marketing/packaging people!  Try putting this on your bottles:


or is it "CONDITIONER, then SHAMPOO".  Still can't read the label.