Monday, February 9, 2009

Eating your seed corn

I just couldn't resist this one. Everyday I am more of a believer in the Free Market. Notice in the quote below that the revised estimates for the cost of stimulus bill will cost $11 billion in lost tax revenues due to limiting executive pay.

Moments before the vote, the Congressional Budget Office issued a new estimate that put the cost at $838 billion, an increase from the $827 billion figure from last week. Ironically, the agency said provisions in the bill intended to limit bonuses to executives at firms receiving federal bailout money would result in lower tax revenues for the government.

The original article is here.

BTW, I'm now a member of Campaign For Liberty. A good article from today. I recommend reading it if you still think Bush did a good job or if you like to bash the bad job Bush did OR if love the job Obama's doing. OUCH!!!


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