Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Octuplets and the Deadbeat Dad

A big controversy in the news is the woman who had octuplets from implanted embryos. She is unmarried and already has six children. There was some talk on the radio about this being unethical and that laws should prevent this from happening. Here is my proposed law:

If a man donates sperm that results in the birth of a child, he can be held legally responsible according to deadbeat dad laws. If a fertility clinic purchases the sperm, the legal responsibility transfers to them and they can be help legally responsible for the support of the child. In order to avoid becoming the deadbeat dad, the clinic must have a father or other third party legally "adopt" the sperm to release them from liability.



Jan France - FernleyNews.com said...


This is insane. There are already too many laws on the books.

Sperm banks are there for those who want to have children and are having trouble with conventional methods. Who also, I might add, should be responsible for support this birth on their own.

When someone donates it's just that. "Donate" If someone donates stem cells is that person responsible for supporting someone because it's a part of them?

If these women have no means of support they shouldn't be allowed to go through the process anyway.

Neither the donor nor the sperm bank should be held accountable for any child support in this issue.

Grow up and try to reach an IQ of 100 or more please.

Ron said...

The point is to create a deterrent. I don't have any problem with the donation of sperm, but I do think fertility clinics should be held accountable for irresponsibly depositing sperm, just as a dead beat father would be. A bad way to accomplish this would be to require fertility clinics to perform a background and credit check on the new mother/parents. This would be insane and create an unnecessary bureaucracy.
BTW, my IQ is at least 101 and I stopped growing decades ago :-)