Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney Takes A Knee

Saturday I watched my team play against a stronger football team.  I was excited as our team lead at half time.  As the game progressed, the other team came from behind and went ahead 3 points.  We had a couple of shots at pulling ahead and then they got the ball.  With little time left, they hiked it to their quarterback and he took a knee.  The clock ran down and they won.  Game over.  There's nothing more frustrating than that moment when you realize that there is no more hope for your team.  First time I experienced this I was mad at the other team.

As we watched the debate, we were wondering about Governor Romney's strategy.  I mentioned that it was like watching two people argue while the whole time they are actually agreeing with each other.  Someone thought Romney was going to play tough at the end.  He didn't.  He took a knee.

In other football news, I read about the Tennessee game:

“Tennessee played a great game tonight. They were well prepared and well coached, and the team executed the game plan flawlessly. The loss was due to the poor policies left over from the Fulmer era.”

Update November 7, 2012:

Looks like Romney took a knee when he should have kept enough time on the clock to kick the winning field goal.

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