Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Senate Save Us From The Practical Problems

I was watching the C-SPAN coverage of the Senate Committee on Air Cargo and Airport Security hearing[1] (a reasonable alternative to watching Glee).  This hearing was timely due to the recent controversy with the full body scanners at airports and pat-downs. [2]

It was obvious to me why Congress has such a low approval rating.  Do these Senators really think they are making us safer? My least favorite was Senator Levin (at 45 min in video [1]). He managed to point out 19 times during his 7 minutes of questioning that the "practical problems" had not been solved. I had no idea what point he was trying to make. The Senators did speak for us public by saying we would rather experience delays in shipping, be patted down by airport security, etc. than suffer another failed attempt like the underwear bomber or printer cartridge bomb.

Thanks for taking care of us!

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urineWoman With 2 Artificial Knees Describes 'Sexual Assault' By Screener...
Searched because she wore a skirt
Cancer-surviving flight attendant forced to remove prosthetic breast...
TSA Apologizes For Making Boy Remove Leg Braces
Wow!  I agree with Senator Boxer on this one!

Going to far...Child scream's "Stop touching me!"

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Kevin said...

At Lindbergh Field, gates 1&2 at Terminal 1 (from where pretty much all of the SWA flights to Las Vegas depart) now have the porno scanners, and that's what the TSA is using pretty much exclusively at that checkpoint. I've been making that trip a lot lately, and it gives me a creepy feeling every time I go through that machine. It's also a serious PITA because you have to remove everything from your pockets, including your wallet. I am pretty confident this is NOT making any of us safer...