Monday, November 1, 2010

Night Before The Election

I had a couple friend's over tonight to look over the ballot.  Next election I'll try and get an earlier start.

Here's a summary:
  1. I've lived in California my whole life and I'm frankly scared for its future.
  2. I'm surprisingly voting mostly for incumbents at the local level.   
    • Our city is not in debt.
    • I've met the mayor and I like him.  I also trust him.
    • I like our cities development plan: the new parks are beautiful and I like the businesses that have come here.
    • The schools have continually been improving (at least their test scores).  The incumbents on the school board have lived here over 35 years and raised their kid's here.
  3. I guess I picked a good town to live in.  I hope I don't have to move out of California.
In Conclusion:

The enormous power in Sacramento that resulted from such a great state as California has resulted in greed, corruption and enormous debt.

The limited power at the local level allows civic minded people to act responsibly.

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