Friday, May 28, 2010

Restasis Commercial

I keep seeing the same Restasis commercial on TV and I seem to be the only one bothered by it. When it comes on, I pause the commercial and do a play-by-play analysis for whomever in my family is watching.

1. It starts with a woman telling her doctor that she's tired of using eye drops "several times a day".
2. The doctor gives her a prescription for Restasis and says that it will "promote tear production" and she can use her other drops less.
3. The woman acts nervous about using a prescription eye medicine.
4. The doctor reassures the woman saying she uses Restasis herself, twice daily.

If Restasis is so good, why does it only reduce the need for drops from several times a day to twice a day?

The poll results from my family:
My mother-in-law said she didn't notice this (she's very polite to me).
My son said I was over analyzing it.
My wife didn't seem to really care.

Full disclosure: I used Restasis after Lasik eye surgery. It was very expensive, but also pretty darn good. I look forward to the generic, over-the-counter version someday.

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Kristy Rohrer said...

Oh Dad. Dalan and I will come and analyze commercials with you this August. :)