Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Boy Who Harvested the Wind

This is a review of William Kamkwamba's book "The Boy Who Harvested the Wind". This book is an amazing story of life in Africa today, told first hand. It shows:
  • The superstitions that still exist.
  • Struggles of individuals due to lack of education and other opportunities, as well as alcohol abuse.
  • Political corruption that lead to a devastating famine.
  • First hand account of the famine.
  • The story of individuals struggling to survive.
  • The amazing inventiveness of one boy to improve the quality of life for his family and village by building a windmill out of junk.
Many of my views were reconfirmed by this story.
  • Human suffering is tragic and real.
  • Giving aid to corrupt governments is a VERY ineffective way to reduce this suffering.
  • Local community leaders are a better source of meeting the needs of a community.
  • Solutions to problems can come from the most unexpected places.
  • Providing people opportunities to learn and help themselves is the best solution.
Here's a video of William Presenting what he did at a TED conference.

Here's a clip from a documentary:

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