Sunday, March 23, 2014


Attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

Do you believe in the supernatural?  Let's see.

Science has a high degree of confidence in evolution as explaining the richness of life on Earth.  This is attributed to the engine of life: the mechanism used for replication genetic material in creating new cells and organisms, as well as the creation of specialized cells for nerves, skin, muscle, blood, etc. and for growing these specialized cells into complicated organisms.  Science is achieving a greater understanding of how this engine of life works, but where it came from is one of the great mysteries of science.

Conclusion: How genes/DNA originated is beyond scientific understanding.

One of the laws of nature is related to entropy; the tendency for things to become more disordered.  Left unattended, paint fades and peels; buildings crumble; rocks and mountains erode into sand and dust.  Life, on the other hand, creates order from chaos.  Plants organize dirt into beautiful, elaborate structures; trees, flowers, etc.  Animals create populations of sophisticated hunter gatherers.  People create living habitats in inhospitable locations.  

A volcano erupts, destroying all life for miles.  This is entropy at work.  In a short period of time, slowly life reclaims this land, first with plants, then trees, then animal life.   Life defies entropy.

Conclusion: Life is a force that defies the laws of nature.

Go outside.  Everywhere you look you see life or signs of it.  It's hard to find anywhere on Earth where life doesn't exist.  Life is supernatural.  The creations of the genetic engine, the source of which is beyond scientific understanding and the demonstration that the laws of nature can be defied.

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