Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Look

I just finished creating a new look for my blog.  I've resisted doing this on the premise that simple is best, however I asked my son-in-law for constructive criticism.  He, of course, pointed out things to change, which happened to be things that I liked most.  I planned on ignoring his suggestions but I have since softened my stance.  It's funny how we don't like criticism (and consequently I think that we aren't vocal enough with our criticism; we're too afraid to offend even though we secretly may have strong opinions about how things are).

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get honest feedback from others and learn how to not be offended?

Here are the changes:
  1. Warmer colors to reflect my attempts to be less polarizing and more civil  (Also the previous black and white colors do not reflect reality - there seems to always be an exception to black and white rules).
  2. A picture of myself (I tried to cartoonize it to hide the bags under my eyes).
  3. A border of words around the title to reflect some of the themes of my postings.

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