Friday, June 4, 2010

Civility and the Oil Spill

I think its time for a dose of civility related to the current oil spill.

1. Can Hollywood help with the Oil Spill?

  • James Cameron, Kevin Costner, Spike Lee and Robert Redford offered to help.
  • James Cameron was rejected by BP.  His response: "They're just a bunch of morons."
  • Actor Paul Sorvino thinks BP should accept their help.  Watch this video:


Complex problems need the people and organizations best equipped to solve the problem.

After spending my career as an engineer and scientist, there is nothing more frustrating than having someone try and help who doesn't fully understand the complexity of a problem.  For example, in the case of the oil spill, there is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons flowing out of a complex system of pipes one mile under the ocean. Remote controlled robots requiring extensive training and experience to operate are being used to fix the problem.

Asking Hollywood to help makes about as much sense having James Cameron ask deep sea oil experts help make an Avatar sequel.

In fairness to these actors, I respect their willingness and desire to help and it would be great if their resources could be used, at least to help with the clean up.
2. Are Obama and/or Bush to blame for anything to do with the oil spill?
  • Political types are quick to blame Obama or Bush for the oil spill, depending on which side they are on.  Why did they let this happen?  Why aren't they doing more? What should they be doing?

I was very impressed with the interview between Larry King and Obama.  I thought Obama actually sounded presidential. Video Here

1:35 Larry: "...wants the Defense Dept. more fully involved...more troops..."
2:20 Larry: "What part of this is your baby?"
3:00 Obama: "My Job ..."
3:10 Obama: "When it comes to solving this problem..."
3:30 Obama: "BP has the best equipment and technology"
3:39 Obama: "Our Responsiblity ..."


People need to understand that this world is way too big and complex to hold one person responsible for problems, even if they are the U.S. President.  It's fair to criticize the politicians when they claim they are going to fix things (Health Care, financial crisis, immigration, etc.)

If your are strongly opposed to a person, group, etc., you don't have to hate everything they do.

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