Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Memorial to Chelsea King

I was shaken to the core when I found out what happened to Chelsea King. I don't know her personally. The first I heard of her was an email at work last week saying she was missing. The place where they arrested her murderer was the same place my sons and I go mountain biking. I remember my young son falling behind and it is terrifying to think that a predator lurked in the same area. This atrocity is too close to home.

Chelsea is not much younger than my own daughter. I can't imagine the pain this loss is causing her family and friends. I found out yesterday that a coworker lives in Danielle Van Dam's neighborhood. My friend's daughter was in Danielle's class at school and she had come over for a birthday party about a year earlier. She is still scarred by Danielle's murder after 8 years.

To remember the true horror and reality of the crimes against these girls, I recommend that the next time you watch CSI Crime Scene Investigation, CSI New York, CSI Las Vegas, CSI Miama, Law & Order Criminal Intent, Law & Order Special Crimes Unit, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Bones, Without a Trace, or any other crime drama or horror movie (of which there is a disturbing abundance) ---

Remember it is real and it is ugly!!!

P.S. If I just ruined watching these shows for you, then this posting served its purpose.

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