Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama, the Prince of Peace?

Yesterday I watched an interesting video by Andrew Klavan on "Is Barack Obama Jesus Christ?". At first I thought it would sacrilegious, but I ended up entertained.

Here's my version of the points he made of how Obama and Jesus are the same.

Associating with undesirables

  • Jesus associated with "publicans and sinners", or basically "undesirable" people.
  • Obama associated with "undesirable" people as well: Reverend Right and Bill Aires.

Free Healthcare

  • Jesus promoted free health care by healing the sick.
  • Obama is also for free health care, he just wants to raise taxes to pay for it.

A Debt that can't be repaid

  • We all are in debt to Jesus, as he paid for our sins and there is no way for us to repay him.
  • Obama is creating such a huge debt that there is no we can pay for it.

Predictions of the Prince of Peace

Andrew Klavan missed one, since the news only came out today about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Before Jesus was even born, there were prophecies of him coming as the prince of peace.
  • Before Obama even did anything, he was given the Nobel Peace Prize.


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