Monday, September 28, 2009

The Insta-Editorial

I think my favorite aspect of reading news articles on-line is the reader comment section. I'll read an article, feel a little slighted by the author's spin on the news, and then I read the comments. Sometimes it's like road rage on the internet superhighway (sorry to use a worn out metaphor). I think I am getting skilled at distilling the comments into the general consensus of the readers. This involves toning down some of the "emotionally charged" words. For example:
  • "kool-aid drinker" - someone who isn't taking a balanced view.
  • "Dumb-o-crat" and "Retard-icans" - the people responsible for all our problems or who refuse to fix our problems or anyone who doesn't agree with the commenter.

Sometimes the story isn't so polarizing, yet the comments are still interesting.

For example, I found an article on the finite supply of willpower to be very interesting. Basically, our physical, mental and emotional efforts tax our energy resources. The comments included:
  • How to avoid the drudgery of boring jobs by wearing an IPOD.
  • How the Military trains you to push yourself even when you run out of energy.
  • A discussion on labor saving ideas
  • Eating candy to cope, but it makes you fat.


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