Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Plan to Get Rid of the Federal Debt?

A Canadian friend just became a United States Citizen last week. He was telling me about the process.

  • A long form to fill out (Where you've lived, who you've been married to, etc.).
  • The citizenship test (there are 100 questions from which they randomly select 10 questions of which you have to get 6 right).
  • An English Language Test

The English Language Test had two tasks:
  1. Write down a sentence that is spoken to you.
  2. Read a sentence to the interviewer.

The sentence my friend had to write down was:

I pay taxes

The sentence he had to read was:

How much do I owe the government?

As you can see, our government DOES have a pay to pay off the Federal Debt! The Plan: Convince all the new immigrants that they owe the government!

Update: Sept. 21, 2009
I was talking to a coworker who became an American citizen in 2008. She is from Russia. The sentences for her English test had to do with education (not paying taxes). I don't know if this is a change in policy from 2008 or if both questions are selected from a random pool.

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