Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Mormon in the White House?

I just finished listening to the audio book "A Mormon in the White House?" by Hugh Hewitt. This book was written during the primaries last year, but is still relevant today.

First, Mitt Romney is amazing. I wish his reputation as "Mr. Turnaround" would have been fully exposed during the election. I don't know anyone that I would trust more with our our current problems than Mitt Romney. I also was surprised to find out how "Constitutional" he is.

Second, I was surprised by the discovery by the author that the biggest issue with having a Mormon in the White House is because it is "just weird". Even though most everyone knows a Mormon that they respect and people consider Mormon's to be good neighbors, a belief that Joseph Smith saw angels and found a golden book is supposedly too much to take for any rational, thinking person. Here's my response:

First, any rational, thinking person cannot deny the decay in morals, ethics and principles and general lack of integrity in our society. How can we restore or build these values in the character of the American people?

Why are Mormon's considered "good neighbors"?
  • No drunken parties next door (Mormons don't drink alcohol or smoke)
  • Your wife and children are safe (Mormons only have sex with their spouse, avoid pornography and R-rated movies)
  • They are charitable neighbors (Mormons are used to giving as they pay a tithing or 10% of their income)
  • They are kind, considerate neighbors (Mormons are taught to be Christ-like)

What does it take to get people to behave out of the norm like this? A belief in something amazing such as a belief that God lives, cares about us and cares who we are as people. That's what the Joseph Smith narrative gives us. If the fruit is good, don't cut down the tree.


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