Sunday, May 31, 2009

Unofficial FDR Poll and Surprising Results

Recently there has been comparison's between Obama and FDR[1]
and I've heard conflicting opinions FDR. Either FDR was nearly perfect and saved us from the Great Depression or his policies extended the Great Depression. I decided to ask the oldest people I know.

  1. My Father - although he died 8 years ago, I had a school assignment to ask him about FDR. My dad grew up in a small town in Arizona and remembered huddling around the radio and listening to the fireside chats. FDR apparently was good and communicating to the people.
  2. My Father-in-law - He had a good opinion of FDR. He grew up near San Francisco and his family struggled. He believes FDR created jobs and helped people out.
  3. Lady I visit from church - grew up in a larger city. Had positive things to say about FDR.
  4. My Uncle Jack - created his opinion on the comments from my grandfather (who died in 1960). My grandfather was a small business owner in Los Angeles and didn't like FDR at all. Grandpa even blames FDR for us going to war with the Japanese (That was a new one for me!)[1].

My verdict on FDR:

  • He helped the people who were struggling at the bottom of the economy.
  • He punished businessmen who were in a position to help the economy.
  • He opened the worst Pandora's Box in history by knowingly provoking Pearl Harbor thus turning our non-interventionist country into a powerful war machine. Read Day of Deceit

The last item to me dwarf's anything to do with the economy.


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