Monday, August 15, 2011

Level 5 Leadership

In the book "Good to Great", great organizations are lead by Level 5 leaders.  Author Jim Collins describes a Level 5 leader as someone who passes the window/mirror test, which involves two questions:
  1. Why were you successful?
  2. What went wrong?
A leader's answers can either:
  • "Look out the window" and give credit or blame to external factors
  • "Look in the Mirror" and take credit or blame upon themselves.
A Level 5 Leader answers the "Why were you successful?" question by looking out the window: "I had good people, I was lucky, The timing was in our favor, etc." and answers the "What went wrong?" question with by looking in the mirror "I made a mistake, a bad judgement call, etc.".

What prompted this posting?  This article: I reversed the recession until bad luck hit.

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Dalan said...

LOVE that book. I think finding a president who is a level 5 leader may be impossible! It seems like politicians willing to look in the mirror when something goes wrong and point out the window when something goes right are weeded out of politics early on.