Saturday, March 5, 2011

BYU Honor Code

Here are some answers to questions I've seen about the recent dismissal of Brandon Davies, the starting center for the BYU Men's Basketball.

Q. Who turned Brandon in?
A. Brandon turned himself in.  Tom Holmoe (BYU Athletic Director) said, Davies came to him and coach Dave Rose seeking "direction and counsel ... There was a serious violation of which we were made aware. He used us as a resource."[1]

Q. What about forgiveness? Wouldn't the REAL Christian thing be to forgive Brandon Davies?

A. Added Holmoe: "The first thing we did was put our arms around (Davies). Our No. 1 thing then, now and in the future is going to be to look out for his best interests, to be able to make sure we can help him along the process of getting him back with the team and getting back on track to achieving all of his dreams." [1]

Q. Who would want to go to BYU with such strict standards?

A. According to US News, BYU (Provo) is the #1 most popular university, above Harvard and Stanford. [2]  What this means is that for students accepted to BYU, more go on to enroll than any other college.  The number of students that accept these standards is 46,383 students (if you count all BYU campuses: Provo-29,780, Idaho-14,100, Hawaii-2,500, since they all have the same honor code).  Last year over 4,000 students (38% of applicants) were denied admission (it's getting a lot harder to get into BYU).

Q. Why couldn't they just let him finish the season?  The basketball team was doing so good.

A. It's easy to get distracted from high standards by short term temptations.  Over the long term,  consistency pays off.  For example, BYU ranks #11 in schools "whose graduates were the top-rated by recruiters". [3]

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