Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union

A couple thoughts on President Obama's State of the Union Address tonight:

  • I liked the idea of having the Democrat and Republican members of Congress sit together.  I had heard some partisan comments before about "why didn't Democrats didn't suggest doing it when the Republicans were in the minority?", but I think it was a great gesture no matter who suggested it or how long it took them to think of it.  It was much better than watching half the room sit during a standing ovation.
  • I think that the election in November helped remind Congress and the President who they work for.  I sensed a much more civil tone from the President and Paul Ryan.  They must have read my post on civility
  • I was pleased to see more attention being focused on the economy.  Obama and Ryan must have seen the Economic Headlines that I posted.
  • I was impressed that in his Republican rebuttal, Paul Ryan acknowledged that both parties are responsible for our enormous federal deficit.  He must have read my post Civility, Debt and Partisanship.
  • I'm VERY glad that I'm just a blogger and I don't have the actual burden of trying to fix the problems we have.

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