Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CNN takes on Fox News - "She should submit to me"

So it seems that CNN's falling ratings have made them go back to the drawing board.  Yesterday I spent about 5 minutes watching Rachel Maddow campaign for the Democrats then I channel surfed to the Anderson Cooper AC 360 show. 

I was quite surprised.  Anderson Cooper said that they want to hold candidates responsible for false campaign advertising, whether they were Republican or Democrat.  The only person they could get was some random Democrat candidate (Rep. Alan Grayson).  Anderson Cooper then did a good job pointing out the problems with his "Taliban Dan" ad about his opponent Daniel Webster.  The worse part of the ad is including a playing a short video clip of Mr Webster saying "she should submit to me" over and over again.  Mr. Grayson defended this, even after the original video was played in context.

The original video showed Mr. Webster saying (see min 3:10 in video below) "we should write in our Journals and pick a scripture for our wives.  DON'T pick 'she should submit to me'".  A pretty blatant out-of-context editing. 

It was funny seeing how awkward it was for Anderson to drill a Democrat, but I do give him credit for acting non-partisan and holding this guy accountable.  I also give credit to CNN for trying out responsible journalism.  I'll be anxous to see what happens when Piers Morgan (from America's Got Talent and Celebrity Apprentice) takes over for Larry King.  He sounds like he wants to aggressively challenge Fox.  I hope the competition gets us better content.

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