Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama Said What!?

I recently started a project where I track the news headlines related to the economy.  One day the news is good, the next day it is bad.  I've recorded about a week of headlines so far and will post my findings sometime soon.

One headline that made my list: "Economic Experts put an official date to the end of the recession!"

Of course I expected the current administration to take credit for this "success".  I was actually pleased at President Obama's comments regarding the end of the recession:
"Obviously for the millions of people still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people struggling to pay their home bills every day, it's still very real for them ... I know how frustrated people are. I know in some cases how desperate people are"
"I am confident that if we stay on a course that gets us back to old-fashioned values of hard work and responsibility and looking out for one another, that America will thrive."

A while ago when I was in a more critical mindset, my wife reminded me that Obama deserves some respect as our President.  He has my respect for this comment.

If you read my posts, this isn't the first time I like what our President has said. [Click]


Shelly Carter said...

I enjoyed your post thanks for listening to me

Anonymous said...

"Economic Experts put an official date to the end of the reception!"

I never thought of the economic downturn as a party, but
I am glad to hear the reception is over. ;-)

"After spending my career as an engineer and scientist, there is nothing more frustrating than having someone try and help who doesn't fully understand the complexity of a problem."

Even in science, I have read of long held beliefs later debunked by inquiry. IIRC, a high school student was responsible for one of those "idiot" questions.

While, I am not a scientist, nor engineer, I find it interesting to comprehend how others reach conclusions.


Ron said...

Sinville, thanks for catching the mispelling - It's been corrected.

Anonymous said...

My not so subtle point was that we can all learn from other fields.
Amandation of ideas is likely foolish.