Saturday, November 21, 2009

CNN, Glenn Beck, Connect the dots

In July I wrote about how I thought Glenn Beck focused only on negative news and not positive news here.

This morning I turned on the T.V. to watch a little news. The first station to come up was CNN. Fedricka Whitfield was the news anchor. Occasionally I watch different networks to get different viewpoints. It was interesting the stories:

1. A CNN poll indicates that a majority of Americans are in favor of the public option for healthcare.

2. A judge in a court case found the Army Corps of Engineers liable for the Huricane Katrina flooding.

3. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat Senator from Louisiana announced her support to vote the health care bill through committee.

My apologies to Glenn Beck, who always says to connect the stories. That idea he's right on. All three of these stories are connected, but CNN missed it. Thanks to my new, favorite news aggregator (sorry Drudge), this news story that I read on Thursday makes the connection. Harry Reid's changes to the healthcare bill that vaguely include “certain states recovering from a major disaster...during the proceeding 7 fiscal years” apply to only one state: Mary Landrieu's Louisiana. That's a pretty expensive way to buy a vote. Since American tax payers are now on the hook for Katrina, is the Army Corps of Engineers off the hook?

I wonder how CNN worded their question for their poll: "Would you rather have a public option with the healthcare plan or move to Pakistan and have their healthcare?"

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