Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Snow and the Tea Party

In case you haven't been paying attention, today was the Tax Day Tea Party. People all over the country demonstrated to protest the out of control spending by our government. I happened to be on vacation in Utah, so I looked up where the nearest "party" was. When I told my family that I wanted to go to the Tea Party, they thought I was joking. When they found out I was serious, they weren't very excited. When it started to snow, we didn't think anyone would come. On the way there, I asked them to guess how many people would be there. The guesses ranged from 40 people down to zero. I guessed above 40. As we got closer to the Federal Building on 125 S. State St., we didn't see many pedestrians. Then we finally saw four people with signs crossing the street, my son laughed "Ha, Ha. I won. There are only four people." Half a block later we saw the crowd. About 1000 people.

We found a parking spot and headed over to the rally. For an angry bunch of revolting tax payers, I felt very safe. There were people of all ages and they were all well behaved. I was surprised to find only a couple of anti-tea party demonstrators, but they were very quite. Also, Salt Lake wouldn't be the same without a couple of end-of-the-world demonstrators.


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